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Ice Cream with Fruit Boba Toppings - A Kids' Favorite!

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Can you use popping fruit boba in ice cream? Yes - in fact, fruit bubble tea pearls are perfect with ice cream, as a fun and tasty topping. This popping consistency works well together with the texture of the milk-based cream, especially with vanilla ice cream. You can use them together with other toppings, or alone. Children and teens love this combination, and it is particularly a memorable treat for birthdays or other parties.

- Bowl of Ice Cream (vanilla is recommended, but other fruit flavors also work well)
50 grams of popping fruit pearls (mixing flavors and colors looks great)

1. Scoop your favorite ice cream into bowl
2. Add chocolate sauce or other toppings that you like
3. Scoop and spread fruit boba on top of the ice cream and topping
4. Enjoy!