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Try Ceviche with Paprika & Green Apple Fruit Pearls

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In traditional ceviche, a chopped fish fillet is seeped in lime juice. This adds a delicious taste to the luxurious dish, and actually changes the proteins of the fish, while maintaining the texture.

Bring out this dish for a dinner gathering or party, and you'll be sure to have a lot of rave reviews and inquiries about this delicious and unique dish.


- 300g white fish fillet e.g. cod

- 6 limes

- 1/2 red pepper

- Green apple fruit pearls (other flavors also can work)

- Salad and apple slices as garnish

- Salt, pepper and paprika to taste


1) Place the fish cubes in a shallow bowl. Pour the lime juice over the fish and let it steep for about 10 minutes (denaturation).

2) Remove the fish from the lime juice and mix with diced peppers.

3) Season to taste and top with green apple fruit pearls and garnish with apple slices and salad.