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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea, the drink that is becoming ever more popular throughout the world! Bubble tea was first introduced in Taiwan after which it quickly spread across Asia. All the while bubble tea has become very popular among youngsters. Drinking bubble tea is also becoming ever more popular in the America’s, Europe, Australia and New Zeeland.

Bubble tea consists mainly of tea shaken with either fruit or milk, after which tapioca pearls are added. There are however many variations available. Some are non sweetened, some are extra sweetened while others are as thick as a smoothie or milkshake. Popping boba’s or fruit pearls are also commonly added to the drink and the pearls are available in many different colors. The drinks can be served both hot and cold and when it the drink is shaken the characteristic bubbles start to emerge.


The drink is available at different locations throughout Europe. However, you could also make your own bubble tea! Within our range of products you can find all that you need to make your own delicious bubble tea.


Ordering Bubble tea at Inspire Food Company

In the assortment of Inspire Food Company you can find all that you need to make bubble tea. Ranging from popping boba fruit pealrs to bubble tea powders to cups, straws and other accessories. Our products are all premium quality and we supply both private as well as business customers.

Order online, quick and easy. Do you have questions? You can reach us via email at Or you can also call us during the week at +31 (0)302271810.