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The story of The Inspire Food Company started back in 2011 when the bubble tea business in Germany was starting to bloom. We thought -- "Let’s start our very own bubble tea shop!" After 12 months of planning and preparing to launch our first shop in the summer of 2012, we noticed, while operating it, the following challenges:

  • Quality issues and inconsistencies of the ingredients
  • Questionable business etiquette and suspicious dealings from suppliers

Right there and then we decided that we wanted to make a difference

Our goal became to offer the highest quality bubble tea ingredients to other bubble tea shop owners like us - who were struggling with what was available on the market at the time.

After a couple years of perfecting our operations, we became the largest distributor of high-quality bubble tea supplies in Europe for wholesale and resale customers.

Innovation is truly key to us: With special flavour combinations and our various packaging sizes of fruit pearls, we have opened new ways for consumers to create their bubble tea experience at home, by purchasing through our international Amazon stores or one of our websites.


We only work with partners that share our values of distributing honest and responsible products. Our standards are untouched when it comes to the composition of the product’s ingredients, production processes, plant audits, and complying with the strictest EU food and drug laws and regulations.

The Inspire Food Company also has achieved IFS (International Featured Standards) Certification, which requires stringent requirements of trainings, audits, and product tests. We are one of the only companies in the industry certified to these elite standards, allowing us full distribution to supermarkets and acceptance in all global markets.


1) Truthful & Sincere Business Practises
2) Innovative Products & Continuous Development
3) Top Quality & Transparent Ingredients
4) Inspire & Assist the Growth of Our Team & Our Partners

We know the importance of great customer experience and have a multi-lingual team which is happy to assist you with all your queries. Please click HERE to contact our support team


Joram Kallai

Founder & CEO

Task and responsibilities: Business strategy, stakeholder management, and teambuilding

Languages: Dutch, English, German (and a little bit of Mandarin)

Favorite Bubble Tea: Organic Matcha milktea with Tapioca pearls

What am I enthusiastic about after work: Entertaining my daughter!

Marijn Gommans

Corporate Development Manager

Tasks and responsibilities: Stock management, webshop updates, and other developments

Languages: Dutch, English and German 

Favourite Bubble Tea: Strawberry milk tea or honeydew fruit tea 

What am I enthusiastic about after work: Spending time with the family, travelling, going to the beach, running, playing saxophone in a brass band

Yelena Ten

Product Manager

Tasks and responsibilities: New product development, supplier sourcing, product quality & compliance management

Languages: Russian, English, Italian, and Chinese (Mandarin) and some Korean.

Favourite Bubble Tea: Black Milk Tea with Tapioca, Salty Caramel cheese and Oreo =) 

What am I enthusiastic after work: Travel, food, yoga, meeting interesting People, trying and creating something new, enjoy time with the people I love.

Michel Morel

Webshop Operations Manager

Tasks and responsibilities: Customer Service, Management of orders and shipment tracking 

Languages: French, Guadeloupean Creole and English

Favourite Bubble Tea: Lychee Nata de coco Fruit Tea

What am I enthusiastic after work: Play Volleyball inside and outside, go to the gym without trying to look like Schwarzenegger, spending time with my lovely cat, chilling out with friends and family at a BBQ

Nina Bernhardt

Key Account & Business Development Manager

Tasks and responsibilities: Account management of resellers and retail, Social media & Creative consulting

Languages: English and German

Favourite Bubble Tea: Passionfruit Black Ice Tea with extra mango pearls

What am I enthusiastic after work: My dog, art, fitness, making travel plans

Robert Franklin

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tasks and responsibilities: Marketing and website management

Languages: English and Mandarin Chinese

Favorite bubble tea: Tea with mango fruit pearls

What makes me enthusiastic after work: Traveling to new places and meeting new people

Vira Nykyforova

Project Designer

Tasks and responsibilities: Product Graphic, and Brand design - as well as Web and Social Media design work.

Languages: English, Ukranian, Russian.

Favorite bubble tea: Ice Matcha tea with Tapioca pearls.

What makes me enthusiastic after work: Hiking, drawing, sport (gym, kangaroo jump, yoga), studying something new and useful, cooking, making the world a little bit shinier of a place :)

Kimberly Abellanosa

Customer Service Representative

Tasks and responsibilities: Providing fast and polite responses to all customer queries & fulfilling various admin tasks

Languages: English, Filipino

Favorite Bubble Tea: Coffee Popping Bobba Pearls

What makes me enthusiastic after work: Its just so awesome to learn new things everyday. At times I love to run indoors, chill in the couch and watch movies or tv series.